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Understanding the Inner Workings of Your Teen

Parenting a teen takes a combination of heart, skill, knowledge, and intuition. One of your major goals as a parent of a teen should be to understand their inner workings. This is essential to help guide them successfully and to get along. 

Here are some things you will want to know to be the best parent you can be to your growing teen.

They Are More Emotional

Teens more often use the part of their brain that controls emotions than controls logic and reason. Teens have also been shown to have a higher chance of misinterpreting facial expressions. This is a combination that can lead to great misunderstandings and a resulting overflow of emotions. 

Try to be gentle with your teen when it seems they are overreacting, as they may not be doing so intentionally.

They Are More Impulsive

Teens are impulsive. In one way, this is a good thing because sometimes, as adults, we overthink situations without ever taking action.

But being impulsive can also lead to unnecessary confrontations and feeling let down by the results of the actions they thought would bring positive changes to their lives. 

Be a sounding board for your teen when they need someone to talk to as they navigate these various disappointments.

They Are Riskier

Teens are prone to risk. Teenage boys are especially likely to engage in risky activities, but both genders engage in risk more than adults.

With teens, the brain’s frontal lobe is not as connected to the rest of the brain as it is later in life. Because it takes longer to decide, your teen may conclude that a risk is worth it before being able to consider all the facts. 

Risk can make our world a better place, as many inventions are created, and brave acts took because of the courage of youth. Teach your teen the balance between risk and safety. 

Talk to them about natural consequences, and educate them fully on the possibilities of their actions. Would you mind encouraging them to take their time deciding, as this will prevent any undue risks from being judged as safe before they have the time to consider every aspect truly?

They Are More Sensitive

Have you ever disagreed with your teen and seen them dissolve into a pile of tears? You can blame their age. High emotion felt at this stage, combined with their large social nature, can cause a high sensitivity intensity.

If they may not go to the party, they wanted to; it does not simply feel disappointing but life-altering. Explain to your child that it is normal to feel this deeply sensitive and not judge them over it because otherwise, they may think there is something wrong with them.

Your teen undergoes many changes as they grow and mature. Take every opportunity to validate your child’s feelings and emotions because this will help them understand that the teen years are a time of much change and that it is ok to feel and act the way they do.

With a strong sense of support, your teen’s adolescence can be a mainly positive experience and lay a firm foundation for the rest of their life.

Understanding the Inner Workings of Your Teen

Understanding the Inner Workings of Your Teen

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