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Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

Parenting is a joy and something we do simply because we love our children. In a perfect world, it would also be easy. Unfortunately, things can get complicated, especially when we co-parent our children with an ex we do not get. 

There are, however, many tips you can put to use that will help you co-parent successfully and with as few problems as possible. Here is some wisdom to help you with this monumental task.

Work as a Team

It might not be easy to consider your ex as a teammate after all you have been through, but it must be done to be a successful parent. Put aside your differences and decide without letting yourself get sidetracked by your anger or disappointment in your ex. Instead of thinking about the relationship the two of you had in the past, let it move towards thoughts of your child’s future and nothing else.

Don’t Get Involved Personally

Although you want to work as a team with your ex, resist trying to be best friends with them. This will only end in disappointment and awkwardness. Treat your relationship with your ex as a type of business relationship… neither too distant nor too close. You want to be friendly with each other, but you must rebuild the relationship in a way that no one is prying into each other’s personal lives.

Keep Your Child’s Best Interests First and Foremost

Co-parenting is about your child. Keep that as a focal point, and you will be less likely to drift away from the purpose of this relationship. Consider your child only, and look at your ex as your child’s parent rather than your former partner.

Set Aside Interpersonal Conflicts

You might fight about a past affair or unable to agree on child support, but for co-parenting, forget about those disagreements. Stop fighting long enough to agree on every decision regarding your child. You will become better at this as time goes on.

Don’t Allow Your Child to Pit You against Each Other

Children are intelligent. When a child’s parents are bickering, whether or not the parents are married, children will most often use it to their advantage. As much as you may despise your ex and their decisions, don’t let your child see this. Stay united in front of your child, and they will respect both of you more.

Set Communication Rules and Boundaries

It’s awkward to communicate with your ex, and some will abuse the ability to harass you with the excuse of co-parenting. Decide about how you will communicate. Decide whether it is acceptable to contact each other by phone, email, text, or a different way. 

Agree on how long each party needs to wait before trying again if not answered immediately. Get it in writing and have each party sign it so that the boundaries will be clear to you both and anyone else who may get involved in the situation in the future.

Co-parenting has its challenges, but there are many ways to make it less complicated. Please keep your child as your focus and create firm boundaries with their other parent.

You will be rewarded with a manageable co-parenting relationship that will help you care for the individuals you both love the most… the one thing you will always have in common.

Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

Tips for Successful Co-Parenting

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