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Teenage Girls and Social Media

Like it or not, social media is one of the most popular methods of communication in the era that we live in. No matter what your daughter is doing on social media, it is almost guaranteed that she is on there in some form.

As a parent, you need to know what is happening on social media to be aware of its benefits and downfalls and protect your child from the potential dangers.

How Social Media Influences Teenage Girls

Social media is the new way to stay in touch with all that is popular. Whether searching for new hairstyles, forwarding memes, or taking part in group chats, social media is taking up much time in adolescent children’s lives. 

Social media can be used for good, helping your daughter stay in touch with her friends and distant family members. It can also be used for negative things, such as exposing your daughter to the unpleasant thoughts of others, as well as allowing tragic situations such as online bullying.

What Teenage Girls Are Doing on Social Media

Your daughter is doing many things on social media. It is more than likely that she is connecting with friends. With sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it is easy to connect with others so that individuals can share photos, jokes, and fitness videos, among many other things. 

Your daughter is probably building networking skills as she meets friends of friends and connects with them on a slightly personal level. 

Sending and posting photos is also, of course, a very popular thing to do on social media. Personal photos shared funny photos and pictures of the latest concerts and events your daughter has taken part in. 

Another thing your daughter can do on social media is to research her interests. From fashion to pop culture to music, your teen can find it all online.

She and her friends will probably post, share, and send links to each other about whatever is popular at the moment. The internet and social media, in particular, are amazing in the opportunities it provides for research in any area one is interested in.

How to Prepare Your Daughter to Use Social Media Responsibly

Social media is a great opportunity, but it can also be dangerous. There are several steps your daughter should take before she joins any social media sites or views anyone else’s. 

First, talk with your daughter about where she is at. Is she able to take part in public, online conversations without getting too involved? Does she know the dangers of keeping important and personal information private? 

Is she dedicated to not only avoid bullying situations but also standing against them? Is she willing to put time limits on herself and show responsibility in her use of social media? 

Please take steps to assist her in becoming accountable in her use of social media. Some suggestions include adding her as a friend or contact with whatever particular medium she is involved in and letting her know you will regularly check in on her by using a known password to both of you.

For teens, social media is going to be around for a long time. Although certain social media websites may come and go, this way of keeping in touch will be around a while.

Use this opportunity to help your daughter navigate a fresh experience to assist her life skills long term.

Teenage Girls and Social Media

Teenage Girls and Social Media

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