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Teenage Boys and Social Media

Social media has a tremendous impact on young people today, including young men. Teenage boys are on social media a great deal, even if they do different things than girls do when they are on it. 

If you are interested in what your teenage boy is doing on social media and how you can help him use it wisely, then keep reading.

How Social Media Influences Teenage Boys

Social media influences most children who use it. Teenage boys are drawn into the fun aspect and find it easy to bond with other online friends, along with the fact that they can easily turn it off when they get bored. 

Its influence is shown in how often teenage boys are online and how much they talk about it when they are not.

If you spend any time at all with adolescent boys, you will hear how much they quote and think about what they see online on various social media outlets.

Not only do teenage boys enjoy surfing on social media, but it also influences their social perspectives and opinions. 

What Teenage Boys Are Doing on Social Media

Although male teens spend much time on social media, as do their female counterparts, they use it differently.

You will notice your teenage son using social media for sending jokes and memes to his friends and researching interests such as vehicles, sports, and sports figures.

He will use social media to find more articles on those interests and post about these topics himself. 

A huge component of social media for boys includes online gaming. This is one of the biggest social media type outlets that you may notice your son spending time on. 

Online gaming attracts boys because of its competitive nature and provides a way for them to connect with their friends through this means. Many young men even meet online friends this way, playing games regularly with the same group of people they come to know as an online presence. 

Of course, social media would not be complete without the added attraction of an easy way for boys to meet girls and converse with them, especially during the earlier teen years, which can be awkward for both genders.

How to Prepare Your Son to Use Social Media Responsibly

It is very important in this age of easy internet access that you teach your teenage son to act responsibly when online and using any social media outlet.

Without social media etiquette and a sense of personal responsibility, the online world can become a dangerous place. 

Give your son rules such as a time limit on his internet and social media use, and conduct careful parental monitoring regarding whom he is contacting online. Educate him on his responsibility not to join in online bullying, and make it clear that he can come to you if he feels threatened by anyone.

Social media is a huge part of the life of modern teenage boys and will probably continue to be for quite some time.

By learning more about your son’s social media use, you will become a better parent. Steer your son in the right direction as he takes part in what is now a cultural norm and will continue to be for years to come.

Teenage Boys and Social Media

Teenage Boys and Social Media

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