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Teaching Your Teen to Be a Lady

Throughout the years, there has been plenty of reading material published on how to teach your daughter to be a lady. Times change quickly, and what was considered being “ladylike” is no longer perceived. 

There are, however, some timeless qualities that give a polish to any female teen. 

These qualities will help her in every area, from not feeling awkward at social gatherings to finding success in job interviews. What are some things you can teach your teen on her journey to becoming a lady?

Using Manners

Manners bring a touch of class to any individual. Teach your daughter to say please and thank you when the situation calls for it and refrain from objectionable when she is around those she doesn’t know very well. 

Remind her not to speak with food in her mouth and to think of others before herself. Even little things like her sending a thank-you card to the hostess of a party she has attended will make her stand out.

Wearing Classy Apparel

When someone dresses solely to attract attention from others, it becomes obvious to everyone else. Teach your daughter to dress in clothing that fits her well and stresses her personality. Avoid extremes such as anything too tight, too loose, too trendy, or too old-fashioned.

Making Eye Contact

The eyes are the window to the soul. When you make eye contact with someone, it shows them you are confident. Remind your daughter to let her personality shine through by keeping good eye contact.

Wearing a Smile

A lady should always wear a smile unless there is a need to do otherwise. A smile will show the world that your daughter is friendly and confident. Encourage her to use her best beauty feature… her smile consistently.

Being Inclusive

A true lady will include others and not be exclusive. There are some obvious times when your daughter cannot include everyone around. However, as a general rule, she should always be on the lookout for anyone who might feel left out and should include them.

Showing Respect

Respect is one of the greatest attributes of a lady. A young lady should always show respect for others and herself.

Encourage your teenage daughter to commit that she will never deprive someone of the respect they deserve. Standing up for others and oneself is one of the most respectable and ladylike things your teen could do.

Having an Opinion and Sharing It

Gone are the days when a young lady is supposed to be seen and not heard. A lady in modern times will keep herself up to date on news topics and issues and will take part in a conversation about a wide range of subjects.

Encourage your daughter to take a few minutes each day to familiarize herself with current events, and this will give her a groundbreaking.

Teaching your teen to be a lady is not a simple job in today’s world. Many influences encourage the opposite, and it cannot be easy to swim upstream. Teach your teen to be a lady, and it will benefit her for her entire life.

Teaching Your Teen to Be a Lady

Teaching Your Teen to Be a Lady

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