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Stop Managing Your Child's Life

Parenting is one of the most important things we will ever do. It is a part of our lives that easily becomes all-consuming. When our children are born, it is essential for us to be there for them at all times and to meet their needs soon and fully. 

As they grow, they slowly become individuals, and their needs will change from us being ever-present to learning when to give them space. This can be difficult, and we often end up micromanaging their lives without realizing it. Here is why you shouldn’t constantly manage your children’s lives and what you can do to change this tendency.

Why Micromanaging Is Not a Good Idea

When you fall into the trap of being an overprotective parent, it’s harmful to your child. Every infant needs our full attention as parents, but they desire to become individuals as they grow. Managing your children to an extreme will cause undue stress to you and build resentment in your child.

Children have a natural desire to become more independent as they grow older. It is what makes them capable of caring for themselves and their own families as adults. When we micromanage them, we stunt their growth.

This causes harm to the person they will become in the future. They internally realize this and lose their respect for our place in their lives. This can cause an irreparable rift in the relationship.

How to Help Your Child Become Independent

Allowing your child to become independent is one of the greatest gifts you can give to them. From the time they are young, find small ways you can let them make age-appropriate decisions. As a toddler, let them choose what color shirt they would like to wear. Let your young child decide what vegetable they would like to eat for supper and what game they want to play on family night. 

These may seem like small decisions, but the decisions will get bigger as your child grows. As time passes, they may want to choose how to style their room or cut their hair. A little more time and they will choose their friendships and the activities they take part in. These baby steps all lead to a fully functioning adult who has the confidence and skill needed to make wise decisions with ease.


Always communicate with your child. Talk to them about how some decisions are a matter of preference and how others are more important. Discuss how you have learned from your mistakes and how you make the important decisions in your life.

How to Overcome Your Inner Control Freak

There is a control freak in each one of us, waiting to come out and assert itself. However, we need to subdue this inner control freak if we want to build a healthy relationship with our children and to assist them in becoming well-rounded individuals.

Remind yourself of the benefits of giving your child space. Discuss your struggles with other parents when you feel the inner control freak surfacing.

Raising emotionally healthy children requires that we stop controlling them and allow age-appropriate independence. It’s difficult to step back and watch our children make their own choices, especially when we believe they are making mistakes, but this is necessary to become the amazing people they are. When we give our children room to grow as individuals, we give them a magnificent gift.

Stop Managing Your Child's Life

Stop Managing Your Child's Life

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