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Parent or Career What Will It Be?

Some individuals aspire to have a career and prefer not to have children, and some individuals aspire to be parents and prefer no career. Both options are legitimate. However, many would like to experience both the wonders of parenthood and a thriving career. 

Is it possible? The answer used to be “no” or “rarely,” but it is becoming more common to do both and to do them well. How does one find the balance between the rigorous demands of parenting and a career?


When you wish to have both a career and children, you must be good at prioritizing. You will inevitably end up in one or more situations where you will need to make a quick decision on what has to be placed first and what has to be placed second. 

Perhaps you are due to attend your child’s school band concert, and a last-minute meeting is arranged at work. It sounds cliché, but these kinds of situations happen. Think about what you would do ahead of time in a hypothetical emergency, and it will be easier to make a split-second decision should the time come.

Societal Acceptance

They have frowned it upon in another generation for mothers to work outside the home, but it is common in most circles. With society’s acceptance of this situation, many resources are available to help you balance children and careers. Check out blogs and other online info for ideas on making life run as smoothly as possible.

Childcare Options

There are many childcare options for parents who have a career. From daycare to nannies who come to your home to childcare providers who live with you, there is certainly a situation that will fit your family. Check out your options, and you may be surprised at the great variety available.

It Takes a Village

Use your friends and family. You need not feel that you must be a superhero and carry the full load yourself. See if friends and family would help you out as you navigate the waters of parenting with a career.

Job Options

Because it is now common for parents to work outside the home, many job options are available to those interested. Ask your employer if they would consider allowing you to work full or part-time from home. Find out if job sharing is available if you cannot commit full-time at this point.  

Make Room for “Me Time”

In the middle of the madness, take care of yourself. Put on your life jacket before attempting to put on anyone else’s. Make time to relax, and remember to spoil yourself a little. When you are relaxed, your family and job will both benefit from it.

Have a Partner Who Is on Board

If you are married or in a romantic relationship, find out if your partner is on board. If they shoulder some of the additional work that might naturally occur, it will help. Work as a team, and you will be more effective.

Balancing a career with parenthood is difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. You can do anything you set your mind to. With a little determination and support from your community, you can find the balance and be a success at both.

Parent or Career What Will It Be?

Parent or Career What Will It Be?

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