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Kid Safe Insect Repellents

While some insect repellents can be used safely with children, the best course of action is to prevent the need for insect repellent in the first place by having your child wear long sleeves, long pants, using a bug screen, and by avoiding especially buggy areas when your baby is little. But, if it’s a necessity, you can use some insect repellents. Balance the good with the bad.

The only insect repellent that works contains DEET. There are some natural repellents, but you will have to use them more often, and for that reason, they’re not as effective as DEET. The EPA doesn’t have any restrictions on the use of DEET on children. The risk of a tick bite or infection from mosquito bites should be considered as well. Use lower concentrations of DEET when your child does not stay outside very long, moving up for long days outside.

If you prefer not to use DEET, the insect repellents without DEET work well, too – just not as long. Products like eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and sandalwood do work to ward off bugs, but without DEET, they don’t last, and you’ll need to reapply often. 

Some insect repellents without DEET that are safe to use are:

  • Avon’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard Insect Repellent
  • BullFrog Mosquito Coast
  • Repel Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

Some insect repellents with DEET that are thought to be safe to use on children are:

  • OFF! FamilyCare Insect Repellent
  • Cutter All Family Mosquito Insect Repellent

Use the lowest DEET ratio that you can, but remember not to reapply DEET again in 24 hours to avoid over-contamination. They say that using a 5 percent application is enough for spending a couple of hours outside, up by five each additional hour.

Some other natural insect repellent ideas are:

  • Brewer’s yeast – A supplement that you can ingest that helps repel mosquitos.
  • Garlic supplements – Ingesting plenty of garlic as supplements can be helpful to ward off insects. 
  • Avoiding perfumes – Using soaps and perfumes that smell good can often attract bugs.

Also, if you know an area has a high mosquito population probability, it’s important to avoid going to that place. Areas with standing water are at risk, as are even backyard pools that aren’t tended to. In your backyard, you can also burn citronella candles to help rid the area of bugs. This can help give your children a safe place to play without worrying about applying concoctions to their skin.

Kid Safe Insect Repellents

Kid Safe Insect Repellents

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