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How to Train Your Childcare Provider to Meet Your Needs

When you return to work, finding the right childcare provider for your family will be an important task. This will be one person your child spends much of their time with, so you will want to be sure it is the right person to meet your family’s needs. 

Once you have found the right individual, there will still be ongoing communication necessary between you. This will help smooth out any issues and enable you to talk about how you can both best serve your child’s interests. Here is how you can train your childcare provider to meet the needs of your family.


Communication is, above all, the most important aspect of any relationship between you and your childcare provider. Never be too shy to share your ideas with the person who cares for your children daily. Ask questions and continue discussing the subject until you find the answer you are looking for.

Show Them

The best way to train your childcare provider is by showing them how you parent. Give them plenty of time to see you in action as a parent, as this will show them what you expect from them when you are not there. A perceptive childcare provider will pick up on what they see and apply it to the way they care for your children.

Explain Your Parenting Philosophy

Sit down with your childcare provider and explain your views on parenting. Let them know what you feel is right and wrong when it comes to caring for children. If you have any books that explain your philosophy, make the books available to them to get a more detailed view of it all.

Be Positive

If you believe there may be inconsistencies in the style of care between you and your childcare provider, continue to communicate positively. Instead of approaching them in “attack mode,” approach them from a perspective of unity. 

Let them know you want to work as a team. Explain that you have some ideas, rather than making accusations and putting them on the defensive.


Always show respect to the individual caring for your children. Parenting someone else’s children is difficult and is often a thankless task. Let your childcare provider know you appreciate them and respect the special qualities they bring to the life of you and your children. 

It will be much easier to share your ideas when coming from mutual respect if there has been a misunderstanding; attempt to see the situation from their perspective rather than assuming the worst in them.

When you depend on a childcare provider to be with your children for a large portion of time, it is essential to train them to meet the specific needs of your unique family. 

There are right and wrong ways to go about this. If you take steps to communicate your needs to your childcare provider, you will be rewarded with children who benefit from it long term.

How to Train Your Childcare Provider to Meet Your Needs

How to Train Your Childcare Provider to Meet Your Needs

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