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How to Cope When Someone Lets Your Child Down

One of the most difficult things in life is seeing your child in pain. Whether it is physical or emotional pain, any parent would do anything to keep their child from it if they could. 

What can you do when your child is hurting because of the disappointment they feel in another adult? When someone lets your child down, it is difficult, but you can take steps to help and not hurt the situation.

Remain Calm

When your child feels down because of someone else’s actions, your protective mode goes into full swing. Often it makes no difference whether it is your natural child or your step-child… you have a desire to protect them. 

Although seeing your child in emotional pain after being stood up or let down makes you want to react strongly, keep your cool. Flying off the handle will not help the situation and will only make it worse. Give yourself time to think and to respond rather than react.

Pause before Confronting

Although you may feel compelled to pick up the phone and blast whoever is at fault, take your time. Don’t jump to action before thinking. Take a good long while to reflect and plan your next step. You will not regret waiting to breathe and think things through.

Get All the Facts

While you are taking time to pause before moving into action, gather all the facts about the situation. Is this disappointment a one-time thing or a pattern that is causing long-term damage to your child? 

Is your step-child’s biological mom causing problems that have been going on for years? Are there other people involved? Is your child telling the full truth, or perhaps trying to manipulate you and everyone else? 

Check into all the details and have your facts lined up to face the person in question with confidence and evidence.

Stand Up for Your Child

Now that you have gathered all your facts, you are ready to stand up for your child. Armed with your information, confront the individual who is the root of the problem. Don’t be afraid to be a voice for your child.

If you are the child’s step-parent, and you are confronting your partner’s ex, it is wise to enlist the help of your partner and face their ex as a team that cannot be divided.

Be Sure You Are Not Doing This for “Payback”

When you confront someone who has let down your child, you need to be sure that you are not doing it out of a personal vendetta.

If you have had a problem with this person in the past, do some soul-searching and confirm that this is not why you are quick to jump to your child’s defense. Your motive should be for your child’s best interest and nothing else.

Seeing our child let down by someone is one of the worst feelings in the world. It leaves a parent feeling angry and helpless to change the situation since it does not directly involve us. When you take these steps after your child has been let down, you will cope with the situation more effectively and in your child’s best interest.

How to Cope When Someone Lets Your Child Down

How to Cope When Someone Lets Your Child Down

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