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Fun Exciting Indoor Games For Kids

Some people have made a living taking care of other people’s kids. Some people have devoted their entire lives to the kids they are taking care of; they forget what time it is and never got off to marry and start their own families. 

Indoor Games That Little Kids Can Play 

Truly some people would rather play kids indoor games with the children they are looking after than go out on a date. These are the people that make a difference.  

Now for those who are inclined to join this elite club of nannies and babysitters, look ahead; the life you are about to choose is a fulfilling yet often a sad one. 

Because no matter how much love you give to the child you are taking care of, they are still not yours. But if it’s any consolation, they will look up to you for the rest of their lives. 

The Playtime Nanny

If you are eager to get into the babysitting life, you must know a few things. First, you should have a list of activities you plan to do with the child when the folks are out. Here are some of the sample activities you could do when it’s your baby turn sit the tots: 

  • 1. Creative activities. One of the sure-fire ways to get kids interested and focused is by doing some art. Art was always a good excuse to color in weird or ‘accidentally’ color in the walls or the floor or whatever. For the babysitter, be prepared for several things; first is the crayons, pens, pencils, and other coloring implements.

Make sure that you have your non-toxic, food-grade, and biodegradable coloring materials. Also, be prepared to spread some newspaper over the floor to avoid any accidents. Designate an area where your kids can do all their coloring. Enforcer to them, the area they may play in.

  • 2. Kids’ indoor games. A good way to kick off a night of babysitting fun is by opening up a can of indoor games. Traditionally, indoor games are the games people play when it’s raining or snowing outside. These games are mostly board games or card games that are family-oriented and kid-friendly.

Nowadays, there’s more to indoor games than just board games and card games. Other games like the Uno and twister have been a frequent addition to any arsenal of indoor games. Now for the babysitter, be ready to have some serious fun with the kids because once they are hooked on this, it’s almost impossible to make them go to bed.

  • 3. Music. People say music can calm even the most savage of beasts. It is also true for some children. Leading experts proved that kids that are musically inclined are more balanced in their adult life.

Other experts say that kids exposed to classical music are much more intelligent than children who weren’t. When you make them listen to music, treat it as just another one of those kids’ indoor games.

Interactive Indoor Games For Kids

We all have happy memories of when we were kids without a care in the world. Most of the time, we busy ourselves with thoughts of swimming in the river or climbing up a tree, or spending the afternoon with the neighbor’s kid. 

Yes, these are the fond memories of a child… a child that need not worry about kids’ indoor games or outdoor games just as long as they are fun.

Children nowadays, though, have a novel idea of fun. Because they have been exposed to the different technological advancements in entertainment, we would mostly see kids nowadays wired to the computer of the game console or handheld gaming devices that separate them from physical games and activities. 

For these kids, the idea of fun is advanced gameplay experience, 3d accelerated and rendered graphics, surround sound, and AI (artificial intelligence) interactivity. These are the components and the requirements of a fun activity or game to them. 

Though there is absolutely nothing bad about enjoying the fruits of technology, sometimes other forms of activities can be substituted for the technology-enhanced version of fun.

Interactive yet imaginative 

One of the more popular kid’s indoor games that still captures the imagination and the interest of young and old alike are board games. 

Several board games are ranging from goal-oriented games like Snakes and ladders to more action-based games like monopoly. Aside from those games, some games feature words and general knowledge as qualifications for accruing points. 

These are games that often use dice to decide the number of steps or moves to take. Aside from the family classics like

Scrabble and boggle, board games have leaped forward in terms of the setting, the game’s goal, the rules, and of course, the story of the game. One of the more modern board games is Warhammer.

It is a turned-based game that features biomechanical suits, highly advanced war tanks, jet fighters, soldiers, and other implements of an actual war. The game is still turn-based, and strategy and technique are a must for these next-generation board game players. 

Another popular next-generation board game is Dungeons and Dragons. Some have labeled the game as the devil’s game because of the characters and the players in the game, but with moderation and supervision, it can be a very exciting and mind-stimulating game. 

Other than what was mentioned, there are several hundred more board games available out there that can be used as good kids’ indoor games and an excellent alternative to video games.

These games can stimulate interaction and a kids’ socialization skills. It’s a good way to develop personal relationships with family members, friends, and other people.

These games were designed for people, especially the kids, to learn the value of human interaction and socialization to help keep kids balanced and stress-free.

Video games sometimes alienate children from other children, resulting in poor communication and adaptation skills.  

Keep Indoor Kids’ Games Safe

Indoor kids’ games have always been a top favorite activity of children, especially when they could not go outdoors to play. As a parent, you could help make the games more enjoyable than ever.

You could devise your own kids’ games or introduce to your children the indoor games you enjoyed when you were a child., the fun activity could be a great bonding time.

Such games are truly among the popular sources of attraction and fun for children. Indoor kids’ games could be something that children look forward to.

They could expect the activity with thrill and excitement. In most cases, kids end up not minding when the sun would get to shine once again. As a parent, make sure indoor kids’ games are coupled with appropriate and necessary safety.

You could begin the initiative by getting services and products from several companies offering and selling safe indoor kids’ games and equipment.

These firms truly have great ideas on how kids’ parties and fun times could be more enjoyable and safer. Indoor kids’ games would certainly not be the same again.

For indoor physical games, choose inflatable equipment. Such materials are indeed logically safer than anything else. Find inflatable entertainment manufacturers. You could buy inflatable tents, slides, and other materials that could facilitate fun indoor games.

There are also wholesale inflatable jumpers, combo units, moon jumpers, and many more. Balloons could be significant items for indoor games as well.

For overall safety, inspect the room to be used by the children for playing indoor games. It would be nice if it would be simple and unfurnished.

Many houses keep a spacious playing area that contains no other equipment and things. Such rooms could facilitate more space for free movement as children play.

Check the floor. It should not be shiny and slippery. Such floors are usually causing minor and even major accidents when children play indoors. It would be advisable if you would cover the floor with carpet or with puzzle rubber boards.

Check the overall lighting of the room. It should be appropriately, sufficiently, and ideally lit. Dark rooms are among the most common factors that cause accidents during indoor kids’ games. Even if they are playing hide and seek, make sure the room for playing is properly illuminated.

Keep figurines, painting, and other furniture out. Children might break them or throw them away at each other. Do not leave electronic devices or appliances in the room as they might cause electrical accidents. Cover all electrical outlets to prevent kids from playing with them.

Keep chemicals, medicines, matches, and fragile objects out of reach of children. Put all chords, ropes, and plastic bags away to avoid traumatic experiences or petty quarrels. Last, try to hang out in the room as children play indoor kids’ games.

This is to make sure they are always safe and make sure they would not get involved in physical brawls with each other.

Kid's Indoor Games Breathe New Life To Parties

How many of us have been to parties all our lives? For most of us, the answer is more or less obvious. Almost all of us have been to parties.

What the most dreaded thing that can happen at a party? 

For the party to be a total disaster… some people fear throwing a party because deep in their gut, they fear things will crash and fall on their faces. But for those who have the itch to throw one of their own, a good party idea lies in kid’s indoor games.

That’s right; you heard it right, kid’s indoor games. For years people have been playing Snakes and Ladders, Twister, whack the head of the piñata, trip to Jerusalem, the newspaper dance, pin the donkey’s tail, and Simon says, and from all those years of childhood that we were forced to compete in these games, it’s easy to say we have no problem remembering how these games are played.

The new life of the party

So what’s the big idea of trying to impress college and high school kids with nursery school games? It’s pretty easy being a dork from time to time allows people to see a side they haven’t seen before therefore breaking the ice between people and the party. 

Just imagine finally having the courage to talk to your long-time crush after a game of Twister or finally beating the jocks in newspaper dance. Sound good, right?

It is a sure hit because if one person there says they have played none of those before, they must have a tragic life as kids.

Now on to the bigger picture, how do you know the right games for you and your party? Here are some tips that may help you clear out the possibilities for the party you are planning: 

  • Know your crowd. The people coming to the party may very well be the most important factor in choosing the right activities that will be played at your party. Knowing the people coming can help you decide whether the games should be physically stimulating or mentally stimulating; it can help you decide if you want to go for more daring games or tone it down to a family-friendly level. 
  • Theme or no theme. Theme parties have sprung from almost nowhere overnight, and the people who go to theme parties are expected to dress up for the occasion. When having a theme party, be sure that your games are theme-related not to bust the ambiance of the evening. Theme-related party games are easy and usually take no time to set up. 

  • Sequence the games right. It’s not only important to know the people, know the games, and know the mood for your party, it’s also as important to sequence your games right. Physical games that take a while to play must be played first; the more intimate games where players can lie down while playing should be done in the latter part. Kids’ indoor games can soup up your party when done right.

New Indoor Kids’ Games

Indoor kids’ games should be fun, safe, and exciting. You could facilitate such games or teach your children how to play them. There are new indoor kids’ games that would surely affect your kids.

Aside from providing fun, these games could be active following the leader-style games. 

Players could sit down and enjoy the giggly games. These indoor games would surely entertain kids, especially during those idle days when the sun is gone and uncooperative weather, to prevent outdoor fun and game activities. 

Fire Walking 

In this game, all players would be asked to pretend that floor is burning with white-hot coals. Children in a group may start a small discussion to determine what has made the floor as it is. Is it the polished wooden floorboards? Is it the carpets or rugs? To start the game, all players would be asked to remove their shoes and even socks. 

Start the game by choosing an appropriate leader. Every player must follow his leader, who is roaming around the house. All players must avoid stepping on imaginary white-hot coals. 

Thus, players could step on basically anything like couches, chairs, tables, and beds. Anything except the floor could be used. If the current leader comes to their dead-end, that player who could find the way out instantly succeeds as the new leader. To add challenge, do not allow them to step on anything they have already stepped on. 

Click, click, click

Have all the players sit around a circle facing inwards. All players must begin by clicking fingers in a patterned or regular rhythm. The first player must say a word. 

The player to their left could have until the fourth click to say any word that could perfectly rhyme with the first player’s word. Continue the trend around the circle until all players do the same in turns. They could say rhyming words or alliterate words before the fourth click. 

Any player who misses a word when the fourth click comes would be automatically out. As the cycle ends, begin again through the player to the left of the player who has been dropped out. To add interest and excitement, you could opt to reverse the direction of the play by changing the words with ‘wild words.’ 

Where did you find that face?

The statement is the name of this indoor kids’ game. Let players sit around a circle, all facing inwards. The first player starts by creating a silly face. 

The player who would laugh out loud while making a face would be instantly out. Remember that chuckling or laughing is not allowed, but smiling is permitted. The current player would then pass the ‘face’ to the next player, which could be the one to their left. 

Try these indoor kids’ games and see how they turn boring and idle days into instant fun days. There is no need to gain special equipment to facilitate such games.

Planning for Indoor Kids’ Games

Indoor activities do not need to be boring for children to hate them. There surely would be days when they could not go outdoors because of the weather.

As a parent, you certainly do not want them to wallow inside the house.

Make them realize that there could be indoor kids’ games that they could enjoy and play inside home premises. Now, keeping kids entertained and excited during cold winter and rainy months would not be a hard task.

In the past, children resort to television viewing, reading, and video game playing during bad weather days when they stay home. To some, the activities could already be fun and satisfying. But children would be children.

They would enjoy it more if they could run around, play games, and have fun with each other even while inside the house.

As a responsible and caring parent, you could help make it happen. By planning indoor kids’ games, you surely could deliver your task.

What indoor kids’ games could be facilitated inside the house? Of course, on top of the list would be board games.

Many such games are available commercially. The advantage of board games is that most of them have boards and materials already sold commercially. They are fun and are easy to play.

You could join the children in playing to make the board games more exciting. This could be a perfect opportunity to bond with your kids. Do not let it pass.

If you think usual outdoor sports could not be enjoyed indoors, think again. Indoor kids’ games could now include popular sports like soccer, tennis, swimming, and basketball. Indoor soccer is possible if there is a large room with plenty of raw space for running and moving.

Tennis could be played indoors in tennis bubbles and clubs. An indoor swimming pool could logically facilitate swimming, while basketball could be played again if there is a very spacious room in the house.

Computer games could work magic. Thus, they are now considered among the top indoor kids’ games available to the public.

Anyone could enjoy computer games of the day. You could play them through the computer, the laptop, the television set, or through special video gaming gadgets available commercially.

When you say video games, think more than Mario Brothers, Playstation, and Warcraft. There are still many computer games out there. All you need to do is to open up your eyes and wander around for computer games that could be fun and exciting to play at the same time.

Perhaps, you could also opt for craft activities rather than the usual indoor kids’ games. These could entertain children effectively indoors.

Plan crafts and specific themes like winter season, holiday, and animals. You could still inject the element of gaming. Make the kids guess or identify several materials or items found in craft shops and used in doing craft activities.

Revolutionizing Kids' Indoor Games

In recent research by an independent body, it was found out that adults go to parties more often than kids do. And these party-going adults have played kid’s indoor games more times than little tots have.

Funny as it may sound, but there is truth in this research. 

The only difference between adults partying and children’s partying is that going home is not as troublesome for kid’s party-goer’s parents as they are for adults.

Now, what does that tell us about adult parties? One thing is evident here: adults have more time to party than children do, and with this knowledge, many people may spend more time planning for their parties than planning for children’s parties.

Party Basics

Children’s parties have some basics that need to be met. One is the food; it is important to have fresh food for the people coming to your party. 

One of the worst things that can happen at a party is for the host to suddenly find out that there is a shortage of grub, and more mouths are congregating on the refreshment table. 

Planning the entrees of your party is basic. For adult festivities, the booze is the measure of the party’s success. It pretty simple, more booze, more fun, and more fun means the party’s success. 

It’s as bad as running out of food, but running out of booze is unheard of. Last, the mood is the name of the game. Setting the right mood with the right music and the right lighting effects creates a more suitable environment for people to get comfortable and enjoy.

Party themes

For people planning a party, the theme is now the in-thing. The theme makes a party stand out from the rest of the block. In the past years, block parties and rooftop parties were the most popular thing in the neighborhood. 

Kids throwing their parties take into consideration these ideas to make their party successful. Nowadays, theme parties range from costume parties to decorated rooms. Some ideas for themes parties are themes from movies. 

For example, a star wars theme party would have dozens of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s and even more Chewbaccas. A cowboy theme party would have a host of bandits and wranglers of the Wild west coming alive. Other themes for parties come from movies, television shows, comic books, and novels.

Kids’ games turned the life of the party

Kids’ indoor games have been given a new lease on life because of adults wanting to have something to play at parties without the cost of having to think of one on their own. 

Kids’ indoor games have two of the most important things for a party activity to be successful; one is that it’s easy to play, and the other one is that almost everybody knows how to play it. Some of the most popular games that adults play these days are Twister, Musical chairs, and Simon says.

Rules And Indoor Kid’s Games

Games, psychologists say, are benchmarks for children to act and play actual games when they become adults. As always, a set of rules is needed for games, either played by kids or adults. And certainly, there is no difference between indoor kid’s games or those done outdoors.

Some of the handed-down games we play today don’t have instruction manuals. Yet, we somehow know what the rules are. And we know, too, if the rules are not followed, if there were cheating or questionable moves, we think are not right.

Made-up rules

Some of the best children’s games are those where the rules are made up. There are certain children’s games that resemble some of our old cherished games, and we discover the children had altered them.

The more important aspect is if the rules (made up or original or altered) are followed. There is less trouble by being clear on rules, fewer disputes and arguments, and losers accept their losses.

Laying down rules

In children’s games, there is always one child who knew the rules. Even if the rules were changed, this kid will know it by heart and keep reminding everyone who breaches them.

Sometimes the new rules would be worked out, and the old ones were discarded. After a time, the new rules would have inconsistencies, and they would be discarded later. This know-it-all kid would remember them the next day when the game is played again.


It is always a good policy to establish rules in advance before the games are played. This is especially true in children’s indoor games, where there are so many variations of familiar games. Each place seemed to have a version of any game.

Setting the rules clearly and having everyone agree should be implemented first before any game. This is to avoid arguments later when the game has begun. 

But as adults would later find out, children (the younger ones, especially) find it fun to change rules and make up new ones as they go along with whatever game they have. 

Fair play and cheating

When children play games, squabbles arise over the rules all the time. Many kids do not read the rules before starting games. Getting the kids into the rules first will teach them to be fair players.

More disputes, however, are caused by cheating. Kids are creative for sneak-around rules, and most will do so given a chance. 

Historically, there were always cheaters in games, whether played by kids or adults, indoor games, or outdoor competitions. To avoid conflicts, it is best to establish a no-cheating rule. (Cheating will give up the entire game, points are deducted, or at least, a turn.)

Enjoying the game

Lest everyone gets distracted and becomes very strict in everything, an adult could make light the situation. One way is to invent games where “cheating” is integral to winning. 

These should, of course, be selective, lest wrong signals are given to the children. The most important signal is that games should be enjoyed and not littered with disputes and arguments, and outright quarrels. This applies to both outdoor and indoor kid’s games. 

Safe Indoor Games For Kids

They say that the place where accidents commonly happen is at home. As funny and ironic as it may sound, the truth remains that our houses are where most of the dangers to our children lurk. 

Even when playing kid’s indoor games, accidents are a bitter reality that we have to always deal with. 

What are the common causes of accidents at play?

Many factors contribute to the high rate of accidents happening inside the house. Some are because of outright neglect, and some because of forces that we have no control over. Some of the major causes of accidents at play are lack of attention to the kids, horse playing, and lack of guidance and outside factors.

Adults’ lack of attention or lack of supervision results in accidents even when kid’s indoor games are played. The adult in charge must always be vigilant and watchful when kids are playing inside the house. 

This is because the house was never intended to be a play area. Out-of-place things can and may lead to serious injuries when they are left unattended. So be sure to watch after the kids when they are playing inside the house.

Horseplay is common among kids, and they enjoy this silly ritual as a release or expression of happiness and other emotions. Times when left by with their own devices, kids engaged in horseplay often get hurt or seriously hurt others. 

Again, the number of attention adults in charge pay kids when they are horse playing can mean the difference between injury and enjoyment.

Even when adults pay close attention to children at play, it is never guaranteed that they will not get hurt or get into an accident; they will still get into one if left unguided. 

Guiding the children during play is as important as watching out for things that may hurt them or cause them injury. 

Guiding a child during play means setting rules along the way to what they can and cannot do. This minimizes excessive horseplay or aggressiveness during playtime, leading to injury or inflicting injury to other kids.

Other factors that cause a good time to turn into a parents’ nightmare are animals, open doors, a pool, and other factors that we have no direct control over. These are the things that make an accident an accident.

They are the little things that we could’ve put away or done something about but never did, and they ended up spoiling a fun time for the kids.

Kids’ indoor games provided alternative entertainment to kids who cannot get fun outside the outside world.

Kids playing indoors should be protected from all kinds of peril inside the house, and the adult in charge has to ensure that the house is a fun and safe place for kids to enjoy.


The Different Kinds Of Kids' Indoor Games

Technology has fast taken over the way we live our lives nowadays. People have invested so much in online things and activities; people now look for the ultimate digital experience.

But because of this much faster way of living, people have taken for granted some of the other things that used to be the next best thing. Kids’ indoor games like card games, board games, role-playing games, and sports games have been sent to the sidelines.

Kids nowadays are more excited about releasing the newest game console than the sharpening of their wits in a good game of scrabble or boggle.

These kids are more into the easy and digital world that they can indulge in, where words appear out of nowhere and enemies bigger than they can be slain in one blow.

The wired generations of kids have all these gadgets with them to keep them company, but there is one thing that they have been missing out on. One danger of the wired generation is the lack of socialization skills that older generations have and enjoy.

Nowadays, if you want to know what’s going on with your friend, you follow them on Twitter or Facebook. If your friend posts a sad status message, you comment with a virtual smiley or a virtual hug to cheer them up.

You can even be neighbors on the farm, thanks to the wonders of the digital age. But these make our children less keen on interacting personally with other people because the world can be whatever they want in the virtual universe.

In recent years, people and focus groups have been reintegrating physical activities, kid’s indoor games, role-playing games, and other forms of recreation that harness social interaction and camaraderie in children.

These people aim to introduce the next generation of adults and children tools of interaction a few people are using right now. With the help of concerned parents and other non-profit groups, people have been reviving the past games to make children realize the value of social interaction and cooperation.

Aside from traditional games, game manufacturers have also committed themselves to reintegrate older gaming forms into 21st-century game concepts. In the past years, board games like Warhammer, Dungeons, and Dragons, and Vampires: Bloodlines have turned to the old board for turn-based gaming with a new twist.

Following their lead are card games like Magic: The Gathering, Japanese card games like Yu-gi-oh: Duel Monsters, Duel Masters, and other card games. These are just some of the attempts to bring back the old days of good old gaming where you don’t have to compete with your virtual self to have a good time.

Some of the games that have been given a second wind are kids’ indoor games like Snakes and Ladders, Twister, Scrabble, and other board games. These games are the classic giants that have made playing a wonderful experience for the whole family indoors.

Fun Exciting Indoor Games For Kids

Fun Exciting Indoor Games For Kids

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