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Fitness Tips to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

It’s been said that inactivity is a prime contributor to childhood obesity. Kids’ weight used to take care of itself mostly because kids were so naturally active in the past. 

They still are! It’s just that nowadays, that natural active nature gets lost in the fascination with television screens, computer games, and so forth. It needs to be reawakened. 

So how can you encourage your child to get active? Here are some fitness tips to prevent childhood obesity.


Given the proper motivation, kids gravitate toward physical activity. For example, if you put a group of kids together in a gymnasium with a couple of balls, they will soon run around and playing games. So why not try that? 

Turn your kids loose with nothing but a ball, Frisbee, beanbags, or the like, and see what they do. Try to get together with other kids and let it be a get-together without screen time. 

Fun Stuff

There are lots of games that involve movement and physical activity. Relay races, duck-duck-goose, backyard football, and other activities can get kids of all ages moving. 

Schedule It In

It can take a while for a recent addition to your lifestyle to take hold unless you schedule it in. Otherwise, you might forget or not get around to it. So once you have your activities in mind, write them into your schedule. Maybe you could take some of that television time for your family activities. 

Family Involvement

Make a play date with your children! It will be good for you as well as them. Play outside or inside – play an active game. Maybe a nice hike or bike ride suits your family dynamic, or perhaps you like horseshoes on the lawn or a dance party indoors. Choose something that fits your children’s temperament to encourage involvement. 

Talk about It

Mention the importance of keeping fit for your kids. You don’t have to sit them down and give them a big lecture, but make healthy talk a part of your everyday conversations. Mention it, talk about it, and include it in your conversations.

Point out healthy foods and unhealthy ones, and talk about what sugar and fat do to your body when it’s appropriate. It will sink in overtime. 

Get Regular Check-Ups

One thing that your pediatrician will do in a regular check-up is weighed your child. If there is a problem with their weight, your doctor will tell you and help you plan for weight loss. Sometimes, as parents, we don’t notice a problem a doctor can see problems we might miss. 

Fitness Tips to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

Fitness Tips to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

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