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Fast and Healthy Breakfasts

Breakfast presents special challenges. You want something quick but healthy, and you also want something your kids will eat.

You don’t want them to start the day on empty, but you also don’t want them eating just anything that you eat for breakfast can affect your entire morning. 

Adults often skip breakfast in the name of saving time, too, or they don’t know what to prepare. Here are some ideas for fast and healthy breakfasts the entire family can enjoy. 

Fruit Smoothie

This is a good one for adults and kids. If you have travel cups, you and the kids can even drink this breakfast in the car. There are many variations on the fruit smoothie theme; frozen fruits tend to do best and make the thickest smoothies. 

Try frozen banana, peanut butter, vanilla yogurt, a little milk or milk substitute; frozen berries and yogurt; or frozen melon and orange juice. If you have protein powder, throw a little of that in, too. 

Whole Wheat Bagels

These are a great stand-by for hurried mornings. Whole wheat bagels can be topped with cream cheese or natural peanut butter – add raisins to get that fruit serving in. 


Fresh and dried fruit do well for breakfast, and both can be eaten out-of-hand. Fresh or dried fruit also makes great accompaniments to the bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter mentioned above. Some fruit is good to spread with peanut butter, such as bananas or apples. 

Hard-Boiled Egg 

Easy to make ahead of time and a great keeper, hard-boiled eggs are a nutrient-rich stand-by. 

You can pre-peel them and keep them in a sealed glass container or leave them in their own “containers” the shell and peel as needed. Hard-boiled eggs can also be sliced and added to a sandwich.


Speaking of sandwiches, they are not just for lunch! On whole grain bread or buns, a burger patty, grilled cheese, eggs, bacon, etc., can all make great breakfasts. 

Whole wheat pita pockets are also great for stuffing with fast fillings like scrambled eggs and cheese, tomatoes, sausage, or whatever you like. It doesn’t have to be “breakfast food” lean meats like sliced turkey make great breakfast sandwiches. 

One more variation on the sandwich theme whole grain tortillas are another fast and healthy way to grab breakfast on the go. 


Celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins make a healthy breakfast. If you want to save time, mix the raisins into the peanut butter and then stuff the celery sticks. You can also stuff celery sticks with cream cheese, flavored or unflavored. 


This kid-pleasing food is handy and fast. Plain yogurt with a little raw honey or fruit provides a nice energy boost. For kids, yogurt should be low- to full-fat to provide energy and better vitamin absorption, experts say. 

Fast and Healthy Breakfasts

Fast and Healthy Breakfasts

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