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Extreme Parenting Moments That Are Funny Only in Hindsight

Being a parent is filled with many heart-warming moments. Raising children is an amazing experience and one that will fill your heart with memories for years to come. However, there are many less than stellar moments that will leave you scratching your head, or even worse, wondering if you will survive until bedtime. 

Here are some extreme parenting moments that can be unbearable at the time but leave you with stories and laughter for as long as you live.

The Grocery Store Tantrum

This tops many. Not only is it difficult to handle, but it will damage your pride. Allowing strangers to criticize what they perceive as poor parenting of your ill-behaved child, you will wish you could order your groceries online and never leave home again.

The Ultimate Blow-Out

This needs no further explanation to anyone who has experienced it. Your baby’s bowels move when they want to and never adhere to your schedule. The ultimate blow-out happens at the worst times, such as right before you leave for your company children’s party while waiting in line at the store or on the airplane when you have forgotten to bring baby wipes with you.

The Spilled Milk

Children are messy. They are also clumsy and trip when they are holding something they shouldn’t, somewhere they shouldn’t. The problem is that “spilled milk” isn’t always milk. Sometimes it’s a bright red sugary drink, and it’s usually spilled on a white carpet. 

The Extreme Photographer

You take your camera everywhere. Your baby cannot do anything without their paparazzi one documenting every detail. And after all that work, years later, your children may not even appreciate all the photos of them wearing their underwear on their heads.

The Horrific Rash

A rash is terrifying to all parents. It is the symbol of everything wrong with the world. Although most rashes are fairly innocuous, they are a horrible sight to a parent who is convinced that every little change in their baby is a signal of ill health to come.

The “Terrified to Break Him” Parent

These are the moments where you are frightened that you will harm your new little one simply by holding him (or her). You become afraid that you will drop him or harm him by the sheer weight of your hand on his back. This is a phrase that is quickly outgrown by sheer necessity.

The Reluctant All-Nighter

These moments appear they will never end. Bleary-eyed, you crawl from your room towards the coffee maker, praying you will last another day. Staying up all night is not quite the party it was when in college, and this will be a moment you prefer in hindsight.

The Laundromat Gig

As a parent of young children, it seems there are mountains of laundry that will never end. You quickly bitterly realize that you are working at a job you never applied for. And as soon as you change into something clean, it’s almost guaranteed that your baby will throw up on you, or worse – you will experience another ultimate blow-out.

Parenting is full of both heartwarming and bone-chilling moments. Sometimes you experience things you wish you didn’t have to. Keep your sense of humor, and remember that these extreme parenting moments may become some of the fondest memories of your life.

Extreme Parenting Moments That Are Funny Only in Hindsight

Extreme Parenting Moments That Are Funny Only in Hindsight

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