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Emotional Changes Found in Adolescent Girls

Adolescence is a challenging time for all who pass through it. It is difficult changing from a child into an adult, and for girls, many issues can cause emotional upheaval.

Here are some of those changes you may notice your daughter experiencing in her life.


Moodiness is a normal part of adolescence, and your daughter may feel it dramatically because of premenstrual syndrome, more commonly known as PMS. Your daughter’s monthly cycle can make her feel moody to the extreme, causing her to swing up and down emotionally. 

You can help your daughter by encouraging her to take part in regular exercise and eat foods that stabilize PMS symptoms, such as healthy fats from sources like nuts and avocados. Taking care of herself will benefit both your daughter and those around her and will be a skill that benefits her for her entire life.


Changes in friends, schools, body, and emotions may cause your daughter to have many moments of insecurity. From feeling as though her friends have turned their backs on her to times of not feeling comfortable with all the changes in her life, your teenage daughter is likely to experience many bouts of insecurity. 

Remind her that no matter what changes may happen, you will always be her biggest cheerleader… and then will back up your words with action.


Adolescence is the time in life where your words as a parent count. Although this is always true, it is especially true knowing that whatever you say will make such a great impact, whether for good. This is a time in life when your child is feeling the most vulnerable to criticism. Choose your words carefully and think twice before correcting your daughter for trivial issues that can be overlooked.


Unfortunately, depression is becoming more and more common. If your daughter is walking through this, be the best support you can, and choose to love rather than judge. Encourage your daughter to talk to a counselor or physician about her problem. There is help available if you know where to look. 

Be aware of signs such as irritability, withdrawal from friends, and loss of pleasure in favorite activities that may signal a deeper problem of this nature.

Peer Dependence

It may drive you crazy, but peer dependence is one of the common emotional changes found in adolescent girls. While before you may have been your little girl’s hero, you will now find her pulling away from you and drawing closer to her friends. 

Instead of being overly critical of this, give your child the opportunity to find a wonderful group of friends. Involve your daughter in activities with those who may share her faith and personal interests, as this will allow her to branch out and find a variety of close friends that will last. Some friends that your daughter finds in her youth will be friends for life.

Adolescence is difficult for young women. With all the struggles faced by them, it takes much support and courage to make it through. Be the person your child can look up to and lean on in these challenging times of her life, and it will change her entire life for the better.

Emotional Changes Found in Adolescent Girls

Emotional Changes Found in Adolescent Girls

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