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All About Babies

Now that your little angel has reached seven months old. Time goes by so fast that you don’t realize your baby is now able to sit upright without your support or even her own hands. Wow, that must be an incredible feeling seeing her grow so instantly. 

What You Can Expect From 7 To 9-Months-Old Babies

For parents of 7 to 9-months-old babies, what else can you find in their physical growths? Well, every baby is not the same. One may have earlier development from the others. 

For example, your friend’s baby was able to start crawling when he was eight months old, while yours could do it when she was seven and a half months. 

On the other hand, the first baby started teething when he was six months old, whereas yours did it when she was nine months. 

So, you need not be anxious about your baby’s development. She will reach the stage. 

What you need to pay attention to is your baby’s developmental milestone. This means she should be able to do certain things at particular ages. 

It’s best for you to make some notes on your baby’s growth, such as writing all her new skills in an online diary. If you do not want to miss any of your baby’s growths, writing the journal will be very exciting. 

Adding up cute photos when new things happen will also be a wonderful endeavor. Later on, you’ll thank yourself for keeping the memories online as you can see them anytime, anywhere. Add up the joy by sharing the site with friends and families. 

Now let’s go back to the previous topic. If you’re a first-time parent, you probably still have a little idea about your baby’s development. 

Below is a milestone you can use as your guideline. If your baby isn’t on her track or doesn’t reach many of the stages mentioned here, you may consult with your baby’s pediatrician. 

Here are some of the milestones for a 7 to 9-months-old baby: 

  • 1. Sitting upright without support 
  • 2. Crawling 
  • 3. Teething 
  • 4. Babbling 
  • 5. Passing things from hand to hand 
  • 6. Standing up by holding onto something 
  • 7. Waving hands 
  • 8. Clapping hands 
  • 9. Turning heads when someone calls her 
  • 10. Holding her bottles 
  • 11. Picking objects up with pincer (thumb-finger) grasp 
  • 12. Testing your responses to her behavior 
  • 13. Able to distinguish people she knows and strangers 
  • 14. Cruising while holding onto the wall or other furniture 

The older your baby, the more skills she may have. If your baby is not able to do some of these things, don’t worry too much. It does not mean a problem. She’ll reach the phase in the perfect time, soon.

Baby Shower Gift Baskets - Practical But Perfect

So you have received a special invitation to attend a friend’s baby shower party, now headache time wondering what gift to purchase for the expectant mother.

Do not worry; you will have no problem in deciding as the list of what to buy for newborn babies is endless.

The best idea worth considering when giving presents is to give several of them in a baby shower gift basket. You will be certain that one of the goodies you placed into the basket will surprise and excite the receiver.

In a Gift basket, expect to find all sorts from blankets, undergarments, changing pads, teething toys, soft toys, hats, sleeping gowns, cuddly bears, and more.

Contents of a gift basket are very useful for mum-to-be when she brings the new arrival home. Your particular gift basket can be made up by yourself, but if you prefer, some people are trained in this department and fully aware of the needs of the mother/baby.

Expect to find gift basket organizers to be mothers themselves, which is better as they know what is best to help mothers raise the baby.

Baby gift shower baskets are a wonderful present to bestow. The variety of essentials contained in the basket for the baby’s well-being is warmly welcomed.

Themes and styles are normally used in the presentation of a Baby shower gift basket. You have bath time goody baskets filled with towels, comb, hairbrush, baby soaps, and smellies like talcum powder. Then we have the beddy-bye creel laden with hanging mobiles, cuddly toys, bedding, and fairy tale books.

Prices of a gift basket differ; the total cost depends on items chosen to fill the baby shower gift basket. White lemon and peach are colors that trail behind blue and pink for the most popular shades behind a theme.

If the sex of the baby is unknown when you place your order for the baby gift basket, then opt for white or lemon this way; you can not go wrong.

Baby shower gift baskets can be bought online if time is a problem for you. Online shopping for gift baskets is so simple that you even get to see what is included in the baby gift basket before you make a purchase.

Prettily packaged, gift-wrapped, and tied with bows is how the finished product looks. Do not forget to place a card inside with a personal greeting from you to mother and baby wishing them both well.

I want to put my pennyworth in and break tradition. I would fill the basket with envelopes containing gift vouchers for different mother/baby shops.

This way, no headache trying to decide on what gifts for inside the basket and no headache for the mother in returning presents that are not to her taste. A happy Mother-to-be is one with a fist full of vouchers before the birth or after.

That’s what I call getting it right.

Check It Out - Checklist for Baby Shower Supplies

How many times have we sat down after a shopping spree and forgotten what it was we went for in the first place. This is why a checklist is vital when planning your baby shower party.

Celebrations like this need ample supplies of goodies in quantities depending on the size of your guest list.

Invite cards are crucial elements and are one of the first items to be listed when piecing together a baby shower checklist. If you have a theme for the party, add this to the invitation; this gives your guest a good idea of what the celebration is all about and will also help them with their gift picking.

A month before the baby shower is a perfect time to send out the cards. RSVP all printouts.

If cost is an issue, then go online and select the invites from there.
Online shopping for invitations offers a great range so selecting the right one will not be a problem.

Why not kill two birds with one stone and have your thank you cards printed out simultaneously. Remember, it is the card of thanks that brings the celebration of the baby shower to an end. You could even try making your own

Be sure to add to your checklist games and activities. Fun and laughter for all who participate are how you want the atmosphere to be and why not? This is a happy and joyous event. Award the winners of each game with prizes.

Run through the list of items on your checklist to see if you have the party venue listed in your notes. Decorate the party place accordingly to the theme.

If the baby shower is a layette bash, then a clothesline draped with babywear of colored paper cut-outs and other bits and bobs make a great display. This is your baby shower, so you get to decide what to hang make sure it is not yourself.

Let us not forget the buffet bar serving food and drinks. If you can account for all the guests attending, this will give you insight into how much food and drink to order for the baby shower party. Always up on supplies because you always have one guest whose eyes are bigger than their belly.

Jot down what edibles and drinks you intend to layout on the feast table. Before going ahead and ordering your niblets, think about the preparation behind any food dishes you have planned to serve; the reason is it may take up to much of your time to cook or, even worse to much time cleaning up after.

A thank you! Token given to all guests who attended the baby shower is very traditional. Baby shower souvenirs need not be expensive; bulk buys to save money.

Make the checklist one of the essential things you have to do before planning for the baby party; it makes sense to have all your ideas for your celebration drawn up on a list so that nothing is forgotten. Just remember not to forget the checklist of baby shower supplies when you go shopping.

Always check the checklist to make sure you checked it.

How To Get Your Baby To Sleep At Naptime

If your baby is not napping well during her first few months of life, you may want to try to cut back on the time she is awake by 15-minute increments. 

If she is getting overstimulated, then she will fight sleep and be difficult to get to nap. The way to prevent this is to watch her “sleepy” cues to make sure that you put her down when she is beginning to get sleepy. 

Some parents believe that letting their children cry will harm them. Fifteen or twenty minutes of crying will not harm your child physically or mentally. Babies will learn to self-soothe and fall asleep by themselves, but only if you let her. 

Babies must learn to fall asleep by themselves to self-soothe if they awake in the middle of the night. Otherwise, you may have a child that will not sleep through the night for years. 

Regular sleep patterns are intermeshed with regular eating patterns, so let us look at the stages of a baby’s life: 

  • Newborn: Your newborn will sleep anywhere from 16 to 20 hours a day, including the naps that he takes between feedings. When your baby has been fed, let him stay awake for a short while and then put him down before he becomes overstimulated. 

  • Two months: At two months and older, your child should be allowed to try to self-soothe during their naptimes and bedtime. Crying is normal when you put your baby down, but it is okay. If he cries for longer than 10-15 minutes, then go in and check on him. Please don’t get him up, but pat his bottom or lightly rub his back until he calms down. 

  • 3-6 months: At around 3-6 months, your baby will stop taking one of his naps. Usually, it is the third nap or late afternoon nap that they do not need as much. He may be a little fussy and may want to take a little nap, but you need to try to keep him up if you want him to go to bed at a decent time and sleep soundly through the night. 

  • 16+ months: When your child is between 16-20 months, they usually quit taking the morning nap in favor of a longer nap in the afternoons. Babies this age usually sleep between 10-12 hours a night and take a 2-3 hour afternoon nap. 

Ground Rules about Naps: 

  • 1. You decide when the nap starts and ends, not the baby. 

  • 2. When your baby is older than four months old, she will wake up crying if she hasn’t slept enough. She might have a dirty diaper, be in a position that is not comfortable, or cold/hot. Fix the problem and encourage her to go back to sleep. Babies that have enough rest wake up happy, talking, and in a good mood!

Is Your Baby Ready For Potty Training

You’re getting tired of changing those diapers, aren’t you? It’s so great to be able to get your child out of diapers. But, when it comes to potty training, timing is everything.

If you start when your child isn’t ready, it will just take longer. However, if you miss the right opportunity, your child may resist the process more when you try later. So, how do you know when to begin?

First of all, forget what your mom told you about having you potty trained by the time you were eighteen months old. She probably just had herself trained to sit you on the toilet at regular intervals, which is not the same as being fully potty trained.

It’s best not to even think about potty training until your child is two. But, for most children, the right time will hit sometime between the ages of two and three.

When your child is ready to begin potty training, he will show an interest. He will begin to want to observe your toilet habits and will ask questions.

Explain that big people go to the potty instead of using a diaper. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, let your child go to the bathroom with you and watch.

If you have a son, make sure Daddy takes him to the bathroom with him. Daddy will probably resist this, though I’m not sure why, since public restrooms make public urination a regular occurrence for the average male!

There are several good storybooks on the market about potty training that you can start reading to him your child at this stage to help encourage an interest in going potty. There are books geared specifically to boys and those geared to girls, which is helpful.

Another good sign that your child is ready for potty training is his ability to pull his pants up and down by himself. If your child has mastered this step of dressing, potty training will go much more smoothly.

Another important physical sign of potty training readiness is the frequency with which your child urinates. If he is still wetting his diaper every half an hour or so, he is not ready. But, if he’s going one to two hours between wet diapers, then he can hold his urine, which is critical to being truly potty trained at any age.

If you think your child is ready for potty training, check out my article in “Mommy to Mommy – the Truth About Taking Care Of Baby,” where I outline some potty training strategies designed to make this developmental hurdle as painless as possible for you and the little one.

Planning Your Baby Shower Menu

Along with planning the baby shower theme, games, and guests, a baby shower host must also plan the menu. A baby shower with no food certainly would not be a happy event, especially for the pregnant mom who is most always thirsty, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy.

Guests often enjoy socializing with each other over good food and drink. The menu is a very important part of a good baby shower.

When thinking of the menu, you should first know how many guests will be attending the shower and then add a few more to be on the safe side.

Planning for more people will ensure you don’t run out of food halfway through, and the expectant mother can take any leftovers home, saving her the trouble of cooking, at least for that night anyway. If it is intended only to be a small gathering, the host may opt to serve an entire meal rather than the traditional finger foods and desserts.

Large affairs are better suited to appetizers, soups, chips, finger foods. You, the host, will most likely be the one doing all the work and footing the bill, so how involved the menu becomes should be your choice.

Equally important as knowing how many guests to expect is knowing what time of day the shower will be held. If it is an afternoon shower, most of your guests will have already eaten lunch and will be fine with finger foods and desserts.

If you are planning an evening or lunch shower, you should probably try to serve some light meal, as most of your guests will probably not have eaten. Salad works well as a filler, and it is something that almost everyone likes, so if you are going to offer a meal, it would probably be good to include it as an appetizer.

You should try to incorporate the baby shower theme into your menu in some way. Maybe, for instance, if the expectant parents are having a baby boy, mix up a blue drink… maybe Sprite and blue food coloring would do the trick.

There are many ideas available for themes and decorating for showers on the internet, do some research and find one that will fit your particular shower.

Another important thing to keep in mind is how many people you will have to help you pull all this off. If you are working solo, a full course meal may be hard to pull off and hard on your budget. Time is another essential, especially if you are going it all alone. You don’t want guests to arrive and still be preparing the menu.

Planning a baby shower can be a lot of work and quite expensive as well. It is important to plan and pace yourself well. Enlist as much help as possible, as you will be thankful for it. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to have lots of fun!

Baby Clothes: Long and Lean

Confused by the phrase ‘Long and Lean’ following Baby Clothes? Well, this article works both ways to reduce the confusion of those online baby cloth hunters. 

And surprisingly, most of the optimized searches will disappoint you if you are searching for clothes meant for your long and lean babies or clothes to make your baby look long and lean! Confusing, right?

For those who have been thinking that buying a baby’s cloth is just child’s play, note that baby clothes have their whole of rules. And as they begin their growth, you will realize that your baby should be understood in terms of their growth and gender to meet their needs. 

Let us take a peek into what makes these criteria a must for those parents shopping for baby clothes. 

The Long and the Lean 

It is believed that birth condition determines what a child will look like when it grows up. But there is no way to predict exactly the rate of their growth. However, recent studies have claimed that heavy babies tend to grow fast, and long babies tend to grow tall. But this may be contestable.

Sizing a baby’s clothing: the Long and the Lean 

Parents might often be asking: “What do I need to buy for my lean or fat baby?” Though a baby’s clothes come in sizes shown by months, as in 0-3 months, this question calls for a different set of solutions. 

How do you know that this is a standard? There are four fundamental flaws in this standard: 

  1. The sizes of babies vary enormously. And the manufacturers might claim that a particular size is the standard of your baby’s age group. 
  2. The growth of babies varies, ranging from slow to rapid. And some babies might be double the size of their same age group. 
  3. The shape also varies. Some children might outgrow their clothes; clothes made for round babies might stop snapping at the crotch well before they hit their supposed limit. 
  4. Different manufacturers have their specific standards. This considerably confuses parents while buying clothes for their babies. 

So what do we do? Does one need to buy by weight, or size, or age group? A baby’s age stage is the most confusing indeed! And, parents will be likely to keep buying clothes to keep up with the alterations in the baby’s growth size, weight, length, and shape. 

The best advice is not to buy very expensive clothes for this stage. You will not be able to keep up with speed a baby soils the clothes. However, ensure that the clothes are friendly to your child. 

And remember that we cannot help the fluctuations in a baby’s growth; while searching clothes for your long and lean baby or clothes to make your baby look long and lean, be patient. We all have been through it as babies!

Baby Showers - Hats Off To This Fabulous Idea

Baby Showers, let us face it, ladies raising a baby can be an uphill struggle keeping up with their demands like the feeding, burping, and diaper changing followed by the demand for designer gear as the child grows older.

Take action now with a Baby Shower Party celebration before all the joys of motherhood become a reality.

Baby Showers are events held celebrating the news of a new baby, so it is a wise move to start organizing the occasion as soon as the word is out.
If you want the baby shower party to be a success on the day, then all you have to do is greet all the guests with a smile along with a colorfully decorated room.

Your choice of decor for your baby shower gathering may involve an allotted space like decorating or around the banquet table. Tablecloths and napkins with cartoon characters or baby pictures emblazoned over them will brighten up that specific area; you can even place multi-colored figurines in and around the edibles.

If the gender of the baby is known at the time of the baby shower celebration, then hang a pink or blue sheet behind the feast table and decorate accordingly with paper cutouts of toy boats or girlie dollies.

Keeping to a particular area to decorate in the home or venue will have saved time and space by not over cluttering. The space you saved will allow game activities to take place more comfortably than be confined to a certain spot.

Baby Showers need not be expensive; another penny-saving idea and very cost-effective one is to hand each guest a colorful paper hat on arrival. Personalize the headwear with a printed quote or saying; this will add a touch of uniqueness to your baby shower party.

By doing this, you are killing two birds with one stone, e.g., adding fun and color to the occasion and being your thank you gift donation. Novelties as such can be kept as keepsakes.

Remember, the guests attending your baby shower party are not there to pass judgment on how you celebrate the good news on the way or how you have decorated the room; this is about baby right, so that is all that matters.

Cutting costs this way can give you enough savings to put by for the next edition to the family if there is to be one. Some women holding Baby Showers have no option but to cut corners with cost-effective ideas to meet the needs of the child growing up. Babies are not babies for long.

Baby Showers need not cause the pocket sorrow. Plan carefully because babies of the future tend to grow up with friends, namely Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, and Reebok. That is why saving with cost-cutting ideas in the early years may help you to keep up with the child`s demands even though you may not be happy with their choice of friends.

Picking The Perfect Name For Your Baby

One of the most important decisions you will make once you find pregnant is picking the perfect baby name.

Everyone has their idea of what a great name is, sometimes it is as simple as whatever is currently fashionable as per the top 10 names for the country in the year that the baby is born, sometimes it’s a family name that honors a favorite relative, and sometimes it’s just a name that the mother (or father) likes.

The baby name chosen will occasionally carry certain cultural significance. This often happens in popular baby names as they are fashionable for a certain period, and then the trend changes, so you can put babies with those names into a certain decade.

Television, and to a lesser extent, movies, can influence these trends as certain television shows have characters with names that are “different” and which parents like, so this is added to the list of potential baby names.

However, there are exceptions to this as there are some timeless baby names and have been handed down from generation to generation throughout the family.

Whether or not to choose the baby’s name before the baby is born is a matter of personal preference. Some parents decide what their baby’s name will be from the moment they have the pregnancy confirmed, and in some cases, they know what baby names they will choose before they are even pregnant!

Then other parents wait until the baby is born before naming it. Sometimes this is because they can’t agree on a name, or because they haven’t found one they like, or sometimes just because they want to wait to see how the baby looks before naming it.

Once the baby is born, there’s still time to pick the perfect baby name for your baby. Even if the name was decided months before the birth, it’s possible that having seen the baby, the name will change.

When you see your baby for the first time and hold it in your arms, you may decide that the name chosen doesn’t seem to fit with the baby you are looking at.

Maybe the baby has more delicate features than the full name chosen suggests or vice versa. It’s also possible that there was someone instrumental in bringing the baby into the world that you want to honor by naming your baby after them, and this won’t be known until after the birth occurs.

Take time to choose the perfect name for your baby, and don’t be afraid to change your mind at the last minute if you feel it’s not quite appropriate; after all, the baby is going to wear that name for a long time!

To Circumcise Or Not To Circumcise

If you’re about to have a baby, no doubt the subject of circumcision for a boy baby has entered your mind. Circumcision is a personal choice, but, of course, it’s one that you’re making for another person, so you tend to feel a fair amount of pressure to make a good decision.

Here are some things to think about that might make your choice easier.

In the US, the majority of boys are circumcised, though the numbers are declining somewhat. In other parts of the world, most non-Jewish boys are not circumcised.

The difference seems to be almost entirely cultural. There is no right or wrong answer here, but I think one good guideline is “like father, like son.” The father is most likely the person who will teach the boy how to handle his hygiene in this area, so taking Dad’s situation into account might be a good way to decide.

My husband is circumcised, as is our oldest son, but our younger son is not. He was not circumcised when we adopted him at ten months, and we chose not to add the trauma of circumcision to his life, considering all the other adjustments he had at the time.

My husband had to do some research on the subject to teach our son the proper care of an uncircumcised penis. Our son is six, and at this point, has never asked about the difference between his penis and his older brothers and Dad’s.

One thing to consider about circumcision is a decision you need to make early on. Part of the reason we chose not to have our younger son circumcised was the fact that, at ten months old, it would have been much more physically painful than if he had been circumcised as a newborn.

I’m sure it’s no walk in the park at any age, but do realize that if you don’t have your son circumcised right away, it might not be wise to change your mind a few months down the road.

A final note about circumcision- not all penises are the same. Some boys have much more foreskin than others. If your son has only a small amount of foreskin, your doctor may refer to this as a “natural circumcision” and recommend that you not have a circumcision performed unless it is for religious reasons.

This means that your son’s foreskin is not likely to cause hygiene issues, nor will it be prone to infection, as are some uncircumcised penises.

It’s wise to talk to your doctor before you decide against circumcision. It’s a decision that you need to feel good about and worth the time it takes to sort out the facts.

All About Babies

All About Babies

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